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Since 1995, we have been taking portraits of local youth athletes through our Zinn’s Photography division. Read below for more about our services.
We’d enjoy the opportunity to work with your team!

Zinn's Sports Photography
  1. More than 25 Years of Sports Photography Experience—We have been helping leagues with scheduling, fundraisers, and photography sessions for many years. We are dependable and know how to get the job done right. Also, during the photography session, we know how to run a smooth operation. We never have long lines of people wondering what they need to be doing. We take control and make sure photos are taken in a timely manner and people are having fun.
  2. Customer Satisfaction—When we deliver the sport photos to each league our job does not end there. If a parent call us with a problem or concern on their order, they are treated with prompt and courteous attention. When the situation is corrected, if there are photos that needed to be reprinted, they are mailed to them directly at no charge.
  3. Money Back Guarantee—If for whatever reason someone is not completely 100% satisfied with their sports photographs, we either do a retake at their convenience or refund their money. No questions asked!
  4. Contribution Program—With each league we always look for some way to give back to their organization. This is either through helping with a fundraiser or a percentage given for a scholarship program. We also work with leagues that would like to provide sports plagues for their sponsors.
  5. Professional Photographers—With every sports league we contract with, you can be assured that we will be the photographers. We do not contract outside photographers. We are prompt and conduct ourselves professionally and respectfully.
  6. Locally Owned Studio—We have a vested interest in this community. After all, these are our friends and neighbors, not just customers to us. Also, if for whatever reason there is a problem, we are right here to take care of the problem in a timely manner. We also have for many years supported our local leagues through team sponsorships and fundraisers.
  7. Easy Reorder System—We have a very efficient EZ Reorder system in place. Each player will have an EZ postcard in their packet with a personal order number. WSimply follow the directions on the card to order directly on the website. All reorders are mailed for convenience. We keep all sports images available for reorder for a full year.
  8. Friendly & Courteous—We have been in the photography business for many years, and we understand that sometimes things don’t happen as fast or as smoothly as we would hope. It is our commitment and promise that we make sure these situations are handled with a respectful and understanding manner.
  9. Coach Appreciation—With each team we always include a complimentary team print for each of the coaches. We appreciate the time and commitment that these individuals give and believe this, in some small way, recognizes their generosity.

Our passion is to capture the affection and bond your family shares. Let us photograph your life’s special moments and turn them into memories that will last for generations. Call to schedule your session today.

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